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Tap set 2. Mute. For the accordion A complete accordion system that provides natural sound. It consists of 2 high quality microphones, thanks to the technology of reduced feedback. External mounted on voices using a special self-adhesive clip. Supplied with a 4.5 V battery (3 AAA). * Can be combined with the AK-BP microphone, suitable for the bass range

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Tap the instr. VHF microphone radio system. This system is perfect for an artist to talk or sing. Offered with condenser microphone (lavalier or headset). The wireless set ensures freedom of movement without losing sound quality. It is well made with excellent acoustic performance. Dimensions of the receiver: 150 x 110 x 38 mm Dimensions and weight of the transmitter: 95 x 65 x 30 mm /// 80 gr specifications Receiver - powered by 2 AA batteries. (optional power supply). Output with a 3.5 mm socket. (optional potentiometer) Transmitter - powered by a 9V battery Equipped with volume control and a safe 3.5 mm socket. Wireless 50m clutch

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Headset microphone

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